Providing Solutions

For Industry wanting to take EPR on a serious note with value creation in the New Era of Unprecedented and Accelerating Disruption
(And this is just the beginning

Who We Are?

A bunch of people who want to make a difference in the world of single use plastic.

What We Do?

We setup pulp moulding projects so that people can manufacture alternatives to plastic. We help them collaborate with brands and institutions because we understand our backend better than many people. We also consult new entrants in this industry via our consulting verticals.

Where Are We Headed?

We want to take a major stake in the changeover of over 80 million tonnes per annum of moulded plastics into Earth-friendly materials.

Why disruptiventures?

We understand the why and how of disruption. We can predict how it will impact different markets and organizations now and in the future. We know the challenges and opportunities it creates and why certain organizations thrive and others perish in the space of eco-friendly products. We know how to guide organizations to adapt their business model to this new playing field.

Ready to redefine your societal role and create positive social impact via innovative market solutions?